Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Whilst the company will make every effort to arrive punctually at your address and destination we cannot not be held responsible for late arrival or cancellation due to circumstances beyond our control. The company will not be responsible for any impact that a delay might cause through missed connections, cancelled functions, engagements or further travel arrangements. Sowton & Topsham Cars Ltd recommend that you are covered with adequate travel insurance.

In the unlikely event of a breakdown Sowton & Topsham Cars Ltd will endeavour to supply an alternative vehicle with a similar specification for your journey. If we are unable to supply a similar vehicle we will offer a full refund of the hire price or offer a lesser vehicle and a part refund. Sowton & Topsham Cars Ltd will not be responsible for any impact of a vehicle breakdown.

No food or drink will be permitted in the vehicles unless prior consent has been given by Sowton & Topsham Cars Ltd. UK law prohibits smoking in vehicles used by the public and the Company strictly prohibits the use of Tobacco Products, Vaping and E-Cigarettes in all its vehicles.

Our Drivers/Chauffeurs will choose the route based on experience, knowledge of the local area and use of satellite navigation, they will accept a route requested by the principal hirer, however, should this result in extra mileage or time being added to the journey a charge may be made.

Any alterations made to the booking on the day of the service or a request for additional time or location may incur an extra charge or may not be honoured if it conflicts with another booking.

The principle hirer will be responsible for the conduct of all passengers during the service and we reserve the right to invoice or make a charge to the hirer for any losses or damage sustained to any part of the vehicle caused by any passenger or a third party incited to cause damage to any Company vehicle. A minimum charge of £100 will be applied to cover costs should fouling be caused by any passenger through food, drink, illness, wilful or careless damage including any soil-age or damage caused by any passengers luggage or on-board items.

Violence, foul language, intimidation antagonism or any form of anti-social behaviour towards the Driver/Chauffeur or any member of Sowton & Topsham Cars Ltd staff will not be tolerated and will result in the immediate termination of the service and involvement of all necessary Authorities. Sowton & Topsham Cars Ltd will always pursue prosecution for any acts of vandalism or malicious damage caused to any Company vehicle.

Our Driver’s/Chauffeur’s will check the vehicle for passengers belongings left in the vehicle after a service. However, Sowton & Topsham Cars Ltd cannot be held responsible for any item damaged during the journey or lost after the service. It is up to the hirer to ensure they have all their belongings at the end of the service.

The company offers a policy of total discretion for all clients, our Driver’s/Chauffeur’s will not discuss who travelled with us, from or to where or with whom unless authorised by you to do so. Personal or business information either seen or heard by any Company Driver/Chauffeur will be kept confidential.

Payments & Invoicing Terms and Conditions

Payment terms are 30 days from invoice date unless otherwise agreed in writing. A late payment fee will be considered for persistent late payment after every 30 days from the date the payment was due.

Cancellations must be made in writing to Sowton & Topsham Cars Ltd. Late cancellations may incur a cancellation fee, the following cancellation fees serve as a guide only:
Less than 1 week(s) notice, 50% of the balance is due. Less than 48 hours notice, the entire balance will be due.

No connections will be charged at the full rate and waiting time may be incurred 15 minutes after the booked time of service.

Sowton & Topsham Cars Ltd reserve the right to add or amend our Terms and Conditions at any time.

Book Online

The new Sowton & Topsham Cars online booking allows you to book your journeys online with just a few simple steps. 

Location Details

Enter your pickup & drop off location details with our search system allowing you to search by postcode, street name or landmark.


journey details

Choose your journey date and time. You can choose ASAP for your journey date and time or you can book up to 12 months in advance.

Vehicle type

You can choose your journey type based on your personal preference and vehicle size. The vehicle options are Eco, Standard, MPV and Luxury.

Standard Vehicle

Seats 4

Our Standard Vehicles are our most popular choice for customers. With our range of vehicles including comfortable saloons/sedans and large estates with ample boot space. They’re perfect for all journey types.

Book Taxi Topsham 


Seats 7

Our MPVs are a popular choice for customers on long distance trips, family journeys or Air & Sea port transfers. With ample space and exceptional comfort, our range of MPVs are perfect for all journeys.

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Executive Vehicle

Seats 3

Popular with our corporate customers, our Executive Vehicles are the ultimate choice for a luxurious and comfortable journey. With bottled water and WiFi, our stylish vehicles are perfect for entertaining clients or spoiling yourself.

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Local Service

A 24 hour on demand service for customers across Sowton & Topsham. We have a fantastic reputation in the local area with our customers.

Airport Transfers

Airport and Port Transfers which can be booked up to 12 months in advance. A reliable service for all of our customers.

Sightseeing Tours

Sightseeing tours across the South West from our drivers who have a wealth of local knowledge to share with you.

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